Mayda – New Century Sessions + The Lowertown Line – 10/29


This show on October 29th, 7:30 at The New Century Theatre will be featured on tpt’s latest season of The Lowertown Line and will be broadcast on public television in partnership with tpt’s Rewire.


MN women rock! – Mayda, Hannah von der Hoff and Holly Newsom


By Becca Martin

This is the review I have been dying to do! It is also the least objective piece that I will ever write. Sorry!  For a lady who has been music and musician obsessed for a long time, I adore this time in MN music.  Every weekend I can see my three local favorites belting it out, sometimes two in one night. Continue reading

Off The Cuff #2 – Cypher / Double Trio – 3/31 at Aster Cafe


Improvisation is a like a box of chocolates, well you know how the rest of this goes. I guess the first one of these went off pretty well, so there is a good chance you’ll want to see this.

From there Facebook event page –

Our first go was a blast, and we’re ready to keep rocking. Continue reading

Show Review – Live Letters – Featuring Mayda.


photograph from Live Letters

By Becca Martin

The night that I went to see Mayda host the Live Letters event I met Stevie Wonder. No kidding. He was warm, cuddly, and I let him sit in my lap.  Mayda also did a fantastic impression of him. FYI, Stevie is the Siamese cat of Live Letters co-creator Sara Montour. Continue reading

Mayda – Your Infinity – Music Video

Mad Ripple Hootenanny for Allison Locey’s Birthday.


Help the Mad Ripple Hootenanny celebrate the birthday of one of the Twin Cities’ most passionate music fans! With Jim Walsh, Brianna Lane, Mayda, Katy Vernon, Ben Glaros, Ashleigh Still, Martin Devaney, Frank Randall, Chris Perricelli, Terry Walsh, Eliza Blue and more!

Wednesday, December 26th 8:00pm
The Turf Club
1601 University Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104