Moonlight Grammar and FDR Tour Kick-Off at Honey


What’s a little Hip-Hop and drinking on a Wednesday night between friends. Plus you can give a shove off to Moonlight Grammar as they head out for a month long tour. Rotten Ron is hosting which makes it all worth it plus. Continue reading


Moonlight Grammar “Lies, Cages and Sharks” – Review by: Kaleb Bronson


Moonlight Grammar
“Lies, Cages and Sharks”
Review by: Kaleb Bronson

Michigan’s UP (Upper Peninsula) gave Moonlight Grammar some creative angst against the system prior to creating his first LP, “Lies, Cages and Sharks” and making Minneapolis his hip hop home.

The typical vinyl playing in the background intro does not let the listener down on this album. “Everything in moderation, including moderation” is one of the first lines spit by Moonlight Grammar on the opening track, “Everything’s A Remix,” which includes Prince References and anti-smoking incentives. For his first album, Moonlight Grammar has a “bomb about to go off,” and it is obvious that his rhymes are not elementary. The political landscape interwoven with the Fill in the Breaks styled beats supplies a fist pumping, head bouncing stylistic treat for hip hop heads. Continue reading

Moonlight Grammar CD Release – 1/26 at Hell’s Kitchen.


“Lies, Cages, and Sharks” is out online now.
Moonlight Grammar, Ecid, Dreamcrusher, Ashley Gold, Daniel Heavens and Rotten Ron.
+ Special Guests! (Bobby Phisher, I’m looking at you!)
w/ Bandage and Benny Motion on the tables

Saturday, January 26th – 9pm
Hell’s Kitchen
$5-21, $7-18+