Review of the Documentary ‘Records Collecting Dust’


Becca Martin-Marx

Riot House Records has put out its first film, a documentary that follows a format that has become a trend. This movie features snapshots of acclaimed, famed, and obscure music aficionados letting you peer into their collective memory. I am not taking a shot at them, how can a film that documents the slim line between fan and fanatic disappoint? Continue reading


Film Review – We Rock Long Distance


Becca Martin-Marx

“I can’t stand all that short music. We dance long distance here…”  a quote from Afro-Beat artist Fela Kuti from which a title was born. Filmmaker Justin Schell was proud as he introduced his Doc several years in the making, the impetus an encounter with the film’s subjects. What follows is a snapshot into the artistic journeys of Minneapolis hip hop artists M.anifest, Maria Isa and Tou Saiko Lee. Continue reading