Review – Falcon Arrow – Tower


By Tim Kraus

If you are perusing the metaphorical bandcamp physical record store in the sky, Falcon Arrow’s most recent release provides yet more evidence that the band refuses to be put in a box, or at least that there is not yet a box that exists for them. The typical labels for such music (such as the ones that you will see in the tags at the bottom of this review) fall short of classifying their particular decoupage of sonic textures in a way that is meaningful or even factual. Continue reading


New Release – – Roy G Black


It’s nice to see music that stretches our aural sensibilities. Nothing fancy, just straightforward analog recording with no overdubs. For the lay person out there, no overdubs mean no layering of instruments over the  top of on another.  Just hit record and play the piece.

What comes out of it, is a full sounding unique experimental rock sound. They describe themselves as Bombastic and Post-Rock, but it goes a bit deeper than that. It’s a great experiment in sound and arrangement. Check out their Bandcamp page where you can pre-order the new 10″ and t-shirt combo. Part of the proceeds goes toward a great cause as well as supporting local music.

The Great Went Have Gone There – Interview


By Tim Kraus

Discussing homebrew and interesting TED talks at the home of The Great Went bassist Kevin Hurley, one might not expect that this group of cordial fellows was the same group behind The Great Went’s melodic and thunderous new self-titled release.  The Minneapolis kings of delay (a begrudgingly accepted title) methodically wrote this layer-cake of an album earlier in 2013, before recording and mastering at SignatureTone Recording with the increasingly infamous Adam Tucker. Continue reading