PORCUPINE {Vinyl Release} w/ Handsome Midnight, Voodoo & Easy Speak 1/19 at Club Underground


Release show Saturday, January 19th at Club Underground 9pm.

By Dan Tennyson

The mark of any band worth their creative salt knows how to utilize their influences and achieve an original sound but also how not to be redundant when they capture that sound. The 3 musicians that comprise LaCrosse,WI’s Porcupine have become so adept at this skill that the recordings are both effortless to listen to but also challenge the listener in a way few rock acts are able to. It’s true that in all likelihood none of the members of Porcupine have a phone number that begins with 612, 651, 952, or 763. But the Twin Cities music scene would do well to accept and embrace this band as adoptive sons. Continue reading