Squares – “Three Theories”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

“Three Theories” is the new album by Squares. The music is an amalgamation of Eastern European melodies, the psychedelic and a few dance beats thrown in for good measure. On the surface that does seem like an unlikely combination, but the end result sound is quite pleasing – and very dark.

The words are equally dark; the songs are tales spun with love, religion and death. Words and music together are simply unforgiving, all in a good way.

Squares is made up of Luke Friedrich (guitar and vocals), Adam Rucinski (percussion), Brian VanHout (bass) and Tim Anderson (accordion and keyboards).

The album leads us in with “VasoVagol I.” It is short and psychedelic, influenced by Adrian Belew. This track leads the listener into “VasoVagol II,” cryptic and an intriguing mash of sounds.

“The Waltz” has a heavy Eastern European influence. And this Waltz isn’t a waltz, but more of a dance with death and death is leading its partner.

“Oh, Arline” and “VasoVagol III” follow. Next, at more than seven minutes long, “Impulse” is the longest track.

Of all the songs, I liked “The Fold” best. It opens with what sounds like a touch of flamenco and offers up some biting lyrics:

Eat the bread from the sky
and believe you’ll receive salvation when you die
drink his blood from your cup
and beg forgiveness down on your knees, he’s pleased
re-arrange the facts to match your fickle, fearless fantasy

“Good For You” follows and “So Far, Forever” ends the album, a dreamy instrumental.

It would be interesting to know where Squares got their ideas for songs. I couldn’t find anything that shed light on that, but if it was based on personal experiences, this band must have some great stories to tell.



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