Square Lake Music and Film Festival – 8/9

This is coming up in 12 days, save money by buying your tickets in advance.




Live Concert Review – Shiro Dame and Up Rock at the Dakota Jazz Club


By Becca Martin

When you write about music naturally artists will invite you to see them perform. Not a burden, but a problem that I confront is that I tend to unconsciously overbook my commitments. On January 17th 2014 I had THREE shows in the space of FIVE hours! Continue reading

Event Review of Sound Verite presents Zulu Zuluu and Shiro Dame 7/05/14.


By: Becca Martin

“Choosing Sound”, is something that Jon Jon Scott of Sound Verite Records has a real talent for. Minneapolis can thank Sound Verite for uniting unique music and art in an approachable way. Soundverite1.blogspot.com won’t let you down if your music tastes lean toward a more world, hip hop, jazz, or experimental variation that can be a challenge to find on the dial. Continue reading